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If you’re a freelance writer and you struggle with getting paid top dollar for your work, you’ve come to the right place. Once you discover how to increase brand awareness and generate massive ROAS (Return On Article Spend) for your clients, you will dramatically increase your writing income. With the right training and hard work, the sky’s the limit!

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Get my report on the $584B opportunity for content marketers.

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Get the exact map to writing riches, and a handy checklist.

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Get the scoop on what high-paid brand journalists do.

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Claire B.
Mother, Writer, Activist
"6FFW is a premium course. The content is impressive and delivers on what it promises." [http://bit.ly/3dMWJBJ]
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Alliyah V.
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"Peyton's course was excellent! I doubled my income and streamlined my business. Highly recommended."
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Jessica Brown
Runner, Writer, Teacher
"I can safely conclude that if you love writing, and are willing to do the work, you can make $1,500 per post on Medium." [Review from 3 crash-course coaching sessions: https://bit.ly/31zs83B ]
"Peyton’s online course is outstanding! It is an eye-opener and a good investment."
Nunio Fabiao
Writer, Athlete, Father
"I've taken many courses in my life; this one beats them all. As soon as I started the course, I got my confidence back. The course more than delivers on its promises. It walks you through everything you'll ever need to make 5,6, or 7 figures as a freelance writer. No need to go anywhere else."
Mehdi Jouay
ESL Educator & Writer
"Peyton’s 6FFW course is incredible. He has enabled me to explore writing as a business in ways that I did not know were possible. Peyton’s personal support has been incredible and above and beyond what I expected.  I have already seen a return on my investment which is way beyond what I paid for the course."
Holly Hartley
Educationalist, Executive Coach, & CEO of RediscoverOfMe.com
"6FFW has made me financially independent. The course is not light: lots of actionable advice that is relevant to my clients. I have ranked several articles to page #1 in Google. My health over the years has forced me to stay home, and this was exactly what I needed to take. The skill stack I have now is priceless. Thank you Peyton! "
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Claire G.
Writing Business Owner & Mother of 3 Boys



Hey, I’m Peyton, the chief Word Mogul from the planet Revenue.

I’m a writer and business consultant who enjoys teaching future Word Moguls and entrepreneurs. 

I make my money from many different types of writing. One  easy style I’m inspired by helped put a man on the moon: Brand Journalism. Here’s what I’ve said about that:

“Brand journalism is lightly-branded, customer-centric storytelling that transforms the reader . . . It is the use of honest journalism as the framework for communicating brand-informed stories to the public . . .  Aspects of reporting, research, fact-checking, statistics, storytelling, and expert-interviewing are used.”  -arlie PEYTON

Doesn’t that sound fun?! It’s mostly about story.

Even though I’ve had no formal training in writing, I write for several global and personal brands.  My students and I command $500 -$3,000+ per article from providing remarkable client-centric results. Learn more about me and this site here.

Do You Want To Earn 6-Figures Freelance Writing?

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