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Hi, I'm Peyton!

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Here is my writer portfolio where you can see the kinds of results I’ve achieved for clients. I love to mentor and teach writing students. I’m a former business consultant and lead educator for top institutions in the Portland area. 

Learn about my humble journey to six figures from my featured stories on Starter Story.

My Story

Hey fellow writers! 😃 My name is Arlie PEYTON, but I go by just my last name. 

My mission🙏🏽  , along the team at WIA, is to help freelance writers get paid top dollar 💰 for their writing and build a remarkable personal brand 🖤

I’m a writer who specializes in Brand Journalism for SaaS companies, online course creators, and c-suite executives. I am an expert at SEO and digital marketing. Because of this, I often rank client articles on page #1 of Google. This results in massive traffic and revenue.

I make $1,000-$3,000 per articleEvery. Single. Time.

However, it wasn’t always this way. 

I used to send article drafts to editors and I would never hear back from them again. 😬  I also used to spend days on some articles only to get zero comments, zero shares, and zero pay.

That all changed when I learned a little bit of SEO and how to promote articles to get insane results for my clients. 🚀

Today, my pitch to clients is simple: I write premium articles, that get premium results, for a premium fee. And honestly, they’re happy to pay for my work because of the value and ROI it brings.

I also make money in other ways to maximize my income as a writer. I teach my students how to do all of this–plus how to get plenty of clients so they can stay as busy as they want.  

Income Snapshots

Here are two of many income snapshots from my PayPal. It’s cheesy to do this, but some people need this kind of proof. It would be dishonest to put up something that’s not real, so here’s the truth: several payments for $1,500 and $1,000 articles minus PayPal’s fees.

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