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The 42 Article Challenge

There are two things I often see beginning and intermediate writers struggle with the most: 

  1. Creating the writing habit, and
  2. Building a client-attracting portfolio

These are important things to fulfill. To earn the big bucks, sometimes you have to be able to write long pieces on a moment’s notice. It helps if writing is already a daily habit. You’ll go through several drafts and the client will be expecting something great. It’s a real skill to write so you need lots of practice. The best way to do this is to create a daily writing habit and keep adding more words to your final word count.

Building A Habit

You can start out with writing 500 words a day. That’s no problem really. Then over time, you’ll be able to write 2,000-word articles in just a couple hours. That’s invaluable as a writer!

The other task is to build a portfolio with results that clients actually want. Many writers make the mistake of thinking a long post is all they need to satisfy a client.

They think that the article alone is the end-product. 

The way I do things, the writing is the easy part. It’s about 25% or less of the job! After that, I have a few pre-launch tasks, a robust article promotion schedule, and client meetings to fulfill. High-earning writers do a lot to make sure their clients get superior results. 

Your Call To Action

So if you’ve decided to turn pro and take freelance writing seriously, you need to achieve both tasks: create the habit and create a portfolio. What better way to do this than at the same time?

With the program I’ve outlined, I first have you work through broad ideas that interest you. Then your topics narrow down and eventually you are left with two specific niches (or sub-niches even). 

From that, you’ll study the writing of niche experts and create two case-studies. The goal here is to achieve results clients want like ranking in Google, page views, comments, shares, etc.

In the end, you’ll have something of substance for your portfolio. Whether you do the last two articles with pro bono clients, or on your own, this program really works.

Strategic Article Prompts Guide You

But what about the writing prompts for these articles? 

Those are strategic too.

You’ll get the exact writing prompts you need to deductively come up with the perfect niche and case studies for you.

There are 20 Liberation Posts where you explore loose ideas you’re kicking around. They will align with your Passions, Skills, Beliefs, and Values.

Since these first 20 posts are low stakes exercises, many often find them enjoyable. Already, a writing habit will begin to form.

Then you have 20 test niche posts. This is where you do research and get a little more serious with lucrative niches that align with your previous ideas.

Finally, you have 2 SEO niche pillar posts that best suit your personality, experience, and market demand. 

Time To Turn Pro

So if you’re ready to dive into this free program and set yourself up to get better client work, click below. You’re just 42 articles away! 

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