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Time Management

  • WorldTimeBuddy – The best way to align potential times for int’l meetings. (free)
  • CheckVist – Make lists, brainstorms, etc. (free)
  • Process.St – Brilliant workflow management and task sequencing tool.  (freemium)
  • Calendly – Easy and aesthetic appointment setter. Integrates with my calendar with reminders. (free)
  • AirTable – Perfect for multi-project organization.
  • Notion – Create a back-up for your brain.
  • Pipefy – Simple sales lead sourcing and follow-up tool. (freemium)
  • Trello – Visual online collaboration made easy and fun. I use this every day! (free)
  • Slack – Create a private Slack channel for ALL client communication. (free)


  • Samsung SSD – The $55 upgrade drive that made my desktop run better than new. 
  • External Hard Drive – Always back-up your entire computer and work! 2 terabytes.
  • Logitech Webcam – High definition webcam for videos and client conferencing.
  • Blue Yeti USB Mic – One of the best microphones out there for the money.
  • Macbook (Gold, 12″) – Discontinued?
  • AirPods – My favorite Apple product. Great for interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • iPhone – Mobile conference (Zoom app). 
  • iMac (21.5″) – Where all the course-creation and video editing magic happens.


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