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Find Ideal Keywords

Rank your article to page #1 of Google with the perfect keyword phrases!

Ranking on page #1 of Google sounds like a difficult task. However, freelance writers have it easy. They can ignore 80% of SEO if they just follow a few tactics that I’ve shared. However, the hardest part of Article SEO is finding the right keyword.

If you can do that, you can create an article that gets massive traffic. If you don’t choose the right keywords you will have wasted a lot of time and earn very little traffic. Online traffic equals sales so you definitely want to find the ideal keyword.

In this free worksheet and video, I show writers exactly how to pick the best keywords that people are actually searching for. I break it down so anyone can do it. 

This training will help you if:

  • You have to deliver massive traffic to clients.
  • You have an affiliate site that needs traffic.
  • You want traffic to your own sites.

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