How to Use Brand Journalism to Make $1,500 With One Medium Post

[Originally published in Better Marketing: Medium’s #1 marketing publication by Zulie Rane]

What if you could make a guaranteed $1,500 per Medium post without relying on curation, Stripe, or even Medium’s own Partner Program?

This was the question I set out to answer when Arlie Peyton, a writer on Medium, emailed me to say he’d accomplished exactly that — not only that but he also routinely made $6–8k per month with just a handful of posts.

How Can You Make $1,500 per Medium Post?


Can Anyone Do This?

1. There Are a Lot of Tools You Need to Even Get Started

2. You’re Writing for Power-Linkers

3. Writing Is Only 20% of the Work

4. Brand Journalism Success Is Not the Same as Medium Success

In summary

Nail Your Niche

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The Path

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