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Use Video And Email To Get High-Quality, Targeted Clients

Getting your first high-end clients is hard. If you’re not pitching clients, you’re not getting paid. It’s that simple.

So how do you get on someone’s radar to pitch them? How do you book more Article Discovery calls?

In these videos, I show you an old technique of many that works wonders. Learn:

○ What prospecting and lead sourcing is.

○ Who you should be contacting.

○ What Account-Based Marketing is. [ABM]

○ What Loom is.

○ How to write emails for cold loom outreach.

○ How to set up your browser to do Loom research.

○ And so much more!

Warning: The Cold Loom method ain’t for everyone, but the value you provide is real. Never make a generic  Loom Video and spam everyone. That does not work. Customization is key.


The 6-Figure Freelance WRiter Course

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