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Many p/t freelance writers make less than $10,000 a year. Want to make that in a month?

It’s no secret that making a good living freelance writing is hard. When I started out, I struggled too. Mainly, I had a lot of crucial questions that weren’t being answered. I had to figure things out on my own, and I failed a lot of times to gain income insight.

I bought a lot of useless courses and books that I regret purchasing. I read every post I could on making money with my writing: many were a waste of time.

Despite it all, I eventually found my way. I created this writing coaching program to help others find their way in writing and towards greater profitability. If you’d like to bypass the frustration and heartache most writers face, let’s talk.

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What I Teach

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How It Works


Click the button below to apply to my coaching program.

Free Consult

If it sounds like I can help you, we can hop on a free call to see if this is a good fit. In one session, I'll learn three things: your sticking points, your target monthly income, and a plan to achieve your revenue goals.

Get Coached To Writing Income Greatness

We'll start the program immediately. You'll get advice on just the components you need to succeed at freelance writing.

The Program

The Goal

The goal of this one-on-one coaching program is to help you improve your writing business over the course of four weeks. 

Who This Is For

This is for serious freelance writers who want to hit the ground running and make a profit soon. Also, this is for mid-level writers who are struggling to command the writing fees they deserve. If you’ve ever been curated in Medium.com or published several long-form articles, this is definitely for you. People working on Milestone 2, 3, or 4 of the Wealthy Writer’s Journey diagram above are perfect. This is not for professional writers who are already making six-figures a year writing. This is also not for absolute beginners who have never published any long-form articles online. 

The Call Structure

In the call (on Zoom or Skype), we’ll tackle prioritized items regarding your business as well as my recommendations. You’l have actionable tasks to achieve for the next call (homework). Each call is 45 minutes.

Program Results

By the end of the four weeks, you will have:

  • Your Mission Statement And Niche
  • A Clear Personal Brand And Your Value To Businesses
  • An Understanding Of What And How To Publish
  • Improvements For Your Personal Website, Service Offerings, And Portfolio
  • Several Strategies To Acquire Lucrative Clients In Your Niche
  • Streamlined Business Systems, Processes, And Automations

The Cost

$250 / weekly session for a grand total of $1,000.

Limited Spots

I only work with a few students a month so I can give them the attention they need. Also, I write articles for clients too, so my time is limited. Ready to turn pro?