Brand Journalism

The Past, Present, and Future of Content Marketing

The Space Race Was Won By Brand Journalism

“Brand Journalism is the use of honest journalism as the framework for communicating brand-informed stories to the public.”   ~Arlie Peyton

How do you make a Brand Journalism martini?

It’s two parts creative journalism, one part storytelling, and garnished it with a sliver of branding. When you serve it up on an SEO platter to get seen online, it’s a powerful cocktail that satisfies both the company and the consumer.

What’s wrong with most content marketing?

Content Marketing is too aggressive and blogs are too informal. Brand Journalism is in-between, and with a strong but ethical commercial purpose. Brand Journalists communicate any true story that will bring customers or prospects closer to the brand. These stories often connect with people at the top or middle of the sales funnel, though some are further down the funnel and are ready to buy now.

Why does it work?

Brand journalism works because most consumers don’t want to be marketed to. They love entertainment and information, and they want to control what they see. Ultimately, consumers prefer brands that offer solutions that empower their own stories and aspirations.

The advantage of long-form articles is that they provide greater substance and connection. They grant you more time to hook readers, explain concepts, provide proof, and build trust bridges.

A simple blog or ad can’t do that.

Who is the hero?

The power of Brand Journalism lies in the flexibility for writers to choose the appropriate protagonist of the story: the customer-hero, the brand as hero, the artisan as hero, or the product as hero. These are reader-centric stories and designed to get to the heart of the matter.

Why should brands care?

When Brand Journalism is used in conjunction with other forms of advertising, optimal exposure is achieved. And all of that equals optimal sales.


1 x

Branded content is 22 times more engaging than display ads. [Pressboard Media]

1 %

OneSpot research: 92% of consumers want brands to make ads feel like a story. A well-told story can even make consumers happy to consume ads.

1 x

Cognitive psychologist Dr. Jerome Bruner suggests we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story. [Harvard]

Lead Quality
1 %

74% of companies indicate content marketing is increasing their teams’ lead quality and quantity. [Curata]

1 %

The Content Marketing Institute says this growth is being driven to a large extent by the fact that 86% of B2C brands now employ content marketing.

1 %

90% of media groups expect their branded content revenue to increase over the next 12 months. [Pressboard Media]

What are four good examples?

  1. Marketing The Moon by David Meerman Scott
  2. The Furrow by John Deere
  3. The Red Bulletin by Red Bull
  4. The Cleanest Line by Patagonia

Where can I learn more?

I wrote about the history and benefits of Brand Journalism.

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