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15 Remarkable Medium.com Writers To Learn From

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Not everyone can make good money as a freelance writer. And not everyone can write great pieces that go viral and add to an ongoing body of intelligent work. However, the 15 Medium.com writers in this video serve as models to learn from in terms of quality writing, popularity, and success.

  1. Brianna Weist on happiness: https://humanparts.medium.com/7-thought-patterns-holding-you-back-from-the-life-you-want-8df6485138b2
  2. Shannon Ashley  on Money: https://entrepreneurshandbook.co/who-really-wants-to-make-25k-a-month-653adc48edb6
    [Makes $10K a month writing on Medium.]
  3. elle luna on life clarity: https://medium.com/@elleluna/the-crossroads-of-should-and-must-90c75eb7c5b0 [Book deal from a medium post!]
  4. Paulette Perhach on Independence & Money: https://medium.com/the-billfold/a-story-of-a-fuck-off-fund-648401263659 [Republished in Glamour, The Observer, and others]Felicia C. Sullivan on Branding: https://medium.com/s/how-to-build-a-brand – [A great example of a Medium article Collection + ebook]
  5. Kris Gage on Love: https://psiloveyou.xyz/non-attachment-is-love-bec44d8d1287 – [A great example of radical honesty and deep insights.]
  6. Dave Schools on Entrepreneurship: https://entrepreneurshandbook.co/i-sat-down-with-a-millionaire-who-operates-10-businesses-while-sailing-around-the-world-with-his-338929c4e8c9 –[Viral Article on Medium that turned into a business.]
  7. Tim Denning on Better Living: https://psiloveyou.xyz/do-these-things-before-going-to-bed-and-youll-wake-up-energized-for-tomorrow-2a552fc9f3ae – [This article has been viewed more than 94K times. Tim makes $25K/month writing things like this!]
  8. Ayodeji Awosika on Better Living: https://medium.com/publishous/7-psychological-superpowers-few-people-have-that-you-can-use-to-set-yourself-apart-925fcee821d4[40K claps]
  9. Nicolas Cole on Writing 10K Words A Day: https://medium.com/the-ascent/how-i-write-10-000-words-per-day-every-day-818421c980f0 – [C-suite ghostwriter in all major business publications.]
  10. Ali Mese  on Writing: https://medium.com/swlh/if-you-learn-to-write-you-can-change-your-life-d0df747e02c8 – [Ali created the #1 publication on Medium: read all his hits! THIS article has a great story to pull readers in.]
  11. Michael Simmons on Learning  https://medium.com/accelerated-intelligence/while-everyone-is-distracted-by-social-media-successful-people-double-down-on-a-totally-underrated-5a86701e9a27#3ee5 –[Smart long-form articles where he integrates reputable resources and insightful analyses. Michael has written for HBR, Time, and Fortune.]
  12. Zulie Rane on Consistencyhttps://medium.com/better-marketing/how-to-use-brand-journalism-to-make-1-500-with-one-medium-post-8a5944cf3f2  – Quick content that does very well on Medium!
  13. Tom Kuegler on Medium Writing https://medium.com/finding-tom/im-sort-of-sick-of-writing-on-medium-14de050890c4 [Both me and Zulie Rane took Tom’s Medium Mastery course. Not bad! And the article above is exactly why I took a major break writing on Medium (well, that and I make 5X more money writing for clients elsewhere). I love Tom’s honesty in THIS piece.]
  14. Sinem Günel on Applied Mindfulness https://medium.com/mind-cafe/6-quotes-by-buddha-that-will-change-how-you-see-the-world-and-yourself-32b237944edf [This is a money-maker article from Sinem. It’s a great article, great template, and it’s well-written. Also, Sinem makes over $5K a month on Medium—don’t trust anyone dishing out advice on writing that makes less than that! Check out her course: https://bit.ly/2ZSpUun ]


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